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2nd Term

Patterns of Professional Writers  use this guide to help you finish the revising and editing for the paper Let Me Tell You Something About.

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
Complete the questions for The Tell-Tale Heart.  After you have read and answered the question for the The Tell-Tale Heart, your assignment is to write an argument paper. Make a claim on whether you think the narrator is guilty of murder by reason of insanity or is the narrator guilty of murder and completely sane.  Remember to site evidence from the story that will back up your claim.  Be sure that your paper includes all 5 elements of the argument paper.  Please review the PowerPoint if you need a refresher on what goes into an argument paper. 

Click below (see attachments) for a copy of the article The Tell-Tale Heart.
Click below (see attachments) for a copy of the questions for The Tell-Tale Heart.

PowerPoint for the The Tell-Tale Heart

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