Poetry Slam

Start working on your POEMs for the 2014 year!  I am looking forward to another great SLAM in May 2014.

Check out some awesome videos to get you inspired. 


Thinking About You

Miles Hodges "Maskless"

Marty Schoenleber "Push"

Joshua Bennett "Spoken Wordsmith

Joshua Bennett "Balaenoptera"

Sarah Kay "Hands"

Sarah Kay "Forest Fires

Sarah Kay "Brother"

Sarah Kay "Hand Me Downs"

Sarah Kay "For My Daughter"

Eric Darby "Scratch and Dent Dreams"

Suheir Hammad "What I Will"

Taylor Mali "Totally Like Whatever You Know"

Taylor Mali "What Teachers Make"

Taylor Mali "Like Lily Like Wilson"

Taylor Mali "On Girls Lending Pens"

Taylor Mali "Undivided Attention"

Taylor Mali "Any Language Much Less English"

Marshal Davis Jones "Touchscreen"

Talyor Mali gets personal with Nebo School District poetry slam. 

Susan Frandsen,
Jan 30, 2013, 3:05 AM